Grading and sorting are very crucial to cold storage and warehouse industries. It helps to maintain order in the storage and facilities ease in handling. Visual Softech Grading and Sorting software is very accurate and efficient to provide indomitable services to our customers. The software is designed after a lot of research and analysis of the issues faced by the vendors and we have developed a simpler and flexible solution to all the problems. The fruit vegetable club together in the correct place without wasting and uniform quality is maintained. All the data is captured during the process and collected for future reference. The software is a great help in accounting and the generation of bills with upholding accounts. The software is easy to use, user-friendly and efficient all at the same time.

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Agricultural products are graded based on their dimensions and quality. This grade is used to sort them and assign them to different sales channels. Each item may yield better income based when properly allocated according to its exact characteristics. Usually, higher grade and bigger agricultural products generate larger revenues. Traditional grading was human-dependent. Later, mechanical devices were used to differentiate agricultural products based on their dimensions and weight. Such devices are still in use today as a reliable method for grading and sorting. More recently, as image processing algorithms emerged, visual inspection techniques were added to perfect the process. They often were manually-tuned and provided a substitute to the human eye, enabling to detect many defects, which humans cannot detect when pace becomes faster. The new wave of intelligent algorithms for grading and sorting is much more powerful than traditional visual analysis algorithms: they have automatic learning capabilities, which ensure a detection performance far beyond the speed and accuracy of any trained operator.

Visual Softech Cold Store Accounting Software has a proven track for all type of businesses now with free trial.

  • Growers Agreement
  • Crate Management
  • Grower Fruit Arrivals
  • Grading & Sorting
  • Packaging
  • Inventory Management
  • Bins & Packaging Labels
  • Traceability
  • Chamber Stock List
  • Chamber Utilization Report
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Summary List
  • Stock Summary List
  • Party Storage List
  • Party Lot Details/Summary
  • Contractor Labour Bill
  • Multi Commodity / Items
  • Instant Lot No. Wise Current Stock
  • Multiple Company
  • Multiple User System
  • Accured Rent Report